Palon – bonded to Windward, a younger male dragon of lower-middle rank. They are one of the best flying teams in the nest. Aturadin’s mate.

Aturadin – Palon’s mate. Bonded to Scorch Frost, a younger male dragon of lower-middle rank comparable to Windward. Aturadin is good with healing knowledge.

Tebah – a fiesty newly bonded, bonded to High Flight, a young male dragon of low rank.

Laetiran – bonded to Fired Sand, a younger male dragon of lower-middle rank comparable to Windward and Scorch Frost. A long-time rival of Palon’s.

Miros – a middle-aged bonded, bonded to Silver Spine, the oldest of all the dragons in the nest. Silver Spine is too old and large to fly, and is dying of old age at the beginning of the book.

Tsían – the highest ranked bonded, bonded to Forest Blaze, the second highest ranked dragon in the nest. 

Salann – the second highest ranked amongst the bonded, mainly due to her organizational skills, as she is bonded to Dusks Dive, a female dragon, and female dragons do not normally participate in the hierarchy structure.

Eltavae – another bonded in the nest, bonded to Shadow Soars, a female dragon

Yiyin – another bonded in the nest, bonded to the female dragon Night Hunter

Maea – bonded to the female dragon Lake Bolt. Maea is the best of the bonded with healing knowledge.

Laros – bonded to the female dragon Sand Snout


Stone Eyes – a recently unbonded dragon, the highest ranking dragon in the nest. His bonded died of old age a few months before the beginning of the book. 

Black Cloud – a female unbonded dragon

Cave Song – a female unbonded dragon, the second oldest dragon in the nest.

Sea Rim – a dragon in the nest.

Skyward – a dragon in the nest.

Providence Eye – a dragon in the nest.


Kaemada Sierso – A powerful psion who possesses the capabilities of both telepathic and telekinetic powers. Kaemada is constantly getting in trouble for her lack of planning and forethought, despite her kind-hearted reputation. Wishing everyone would just get along unfortunately doesn’t make it so, no matter how hard she wishes or how much she ignores the bad.

Taunos Sierso – A skilled ranger who has proven his prowess with any weapon, Taunos is also a capable strategist and telekinetic. Gregarious and fun-loving, he’s popular to the point of hero-worship among some Rinaryns. His wandering ways do cause strife among his village, where his people wish he could simply settle down and use his skills to benefit them, rather than always being unreachable when disasters strike.

Ra’ael Tsrian – A priestess by choice, a blood raged by birth, and a gifted telekinetic. She is fiercely loyal to duty and tradition and takes seriously her role of keeping the others in line. This brings her head to head with the other three often, but she won’t hesitate to put herself on the line for them when they are in trouble. She clings to control, for when she loses control and falls to the blood rage, she becomes a berserker taking out anyone in her path. This is her greatest fear, although her people see it as a gift.

Takiyah Tiros – Takiyah is not Rinaryn, but no one knows what race she hails from. She is tall and pale with long red hair and the ability to release streams of flame from her wrists. She enjoys working with metals and building things, and doesn’t mind closed spaces like the Rinaryns do. Her head strong ways create waves in the village, but Takiyah never seems to care whose feathers she ruffles. She will do as she will, and never mind the consequences.

Eian Sierso – Kaemada’s adopted son. He was found alone in the forest as an infant and the Elders hoped the responsibility would encourage Kaemada to settle down. At the time of the first book he is four years old.

Tannevar – Kaemada’s bonded wolf. He tethers her, keeping her from getting lost in the dreamscape away from her body, and they can communicate mind to mind with one another. Their bond means they share each other’s pain, however, and death to one is severely dangerous to the other. Tannevar is young and headstrong, believing himself capable of taking on the world. He is fierce and brave, and does not know the meaning of caution.

Tkatae – Born and raised in Torkae along with Kaemada, Ra’ael, and Takiyah, Tkatae’s life took a different turn than the other’s. He was banished at a young age after a series of what he would term misunderstandings as he tried to court Kaemada. He’s never forgiven her for the shame, and has made it his life’s mission to take his revenge on her.

Earsa – The hermit who lives outside of Torkae in a clearing deep in the forest. He trains psions and warriors while they provide him with food and necessities and allow him to live so close, but he keeps a distance between himself and the villagers otherwise. He is full of secrets and does not like to talk about himself, but he trained Taunos, Kaemada, Takiyah, and Ra’ael. He and the village Storyteller together found Takiyah when she was a baby.

Maeren, Saimakae, the Great Mother – The leader of the women of the village of Torkae, she keeps order, solves disputes, arranges for all the work to be done in the village, and makes sure appropriate marriage matches are made. Her husband is the Storyteller Zeroun, the only person in the village with arguably more influence than she.

The Storyteller, Zeroun – The leader of the village of Torkae and the keeper of their oral history. Zeroun is a member of the Council of Elders, the Rinaryn ruling society, and is known as a wise and benevolent man.

Answer – a young noblewoman of the Kamalti city of Codr who belongs to the Scouts.

Dode – an elderly noblewoman of the Kamalti city of Codr who belongs to the Philosophers.

Elisabei – a member of the Rebellion in the City of the Lost, she is also skilled with using herbs and her knowledge of anatomy to heal. She is a prickly woman, used to having to forge her own way, and sharp toward the ‘real healers’, those Rinaryns who can heal with power, who doubt her herbs and her knowledge.

Renan – a member of the Rebellion in the City of the Lost, Renan is Elisabei’s husband. He makes his living mending shoes, but his real passion is explosives.

Aleis – Born in the City of the Lost, pretty little Aleis became one of the King’s women, though she is young. She uses her guile and wits to try to best everyone around her, and to lure young ones from the City to the palace. She has been in the palace so long that keeping up a front of confidence and strength has become second nature to her.

Theron – Theron is a guard in the City of the Lost and a self-described “loyal man”. While his life is often brutal and harsh, he also dabbles in paintings and poetry.

Tjodlik – a young nobleman of the Kamalti city of Hadr and Dode’s nephew, he belongs to the Philosophers.