Where to Begin

Where do I start, or What book will I read best?

I can’t answer that for you, but I can give you more information so you can make the best decision for yourself!

Where to start:

What will I like best?

That depends on what you like, of course. Since I can’t have conversations with everyone to help them figure out what book fits their tastes best, I made this comparison chart to help.

And if you’re looking for specific characters, they’re in the following books:

Will this be good for my (insert-age-here) child?

That depends on you and your child. I write for adults, but when I grew up I read science fiction and fantasy written for adults too (especially Andre Norton and Ursula K LeGuin!). I write along the same lines–for adults, but older kids might enjoy it as well. My books all contain moderate violence (but without extreme descriptions of gore) and dark situations. They do not contain on-page sex or real-life swearing (each culture has its own swear words they default to). For romance Palon’s novella and Prelude Cycle have none, Windward has a partnership already established but nothing more than a couple kisses and hand-holding. The Children of the Nexus series has some romance but no heat. Beneath the Gods’ Tree is as steamy as it gets, with on page making out.

I would say they roughly correlate to the following tv/movie ratings: PG (Palon’s novella) up to PG-13 (everything else). If your kids read/watch Lord of the Rings, watch Pirates of the Caribbean, A Knight’s Tale, Waterworld, Marvel movies, Dune, Ender’s Game, etc, you’re probably fine with them reading my books.

See the following chart for more in-depth tv/movie type information:

BookSex & NudityViolence & GoreProfanityDrugs & AlcoholFrightening & Intense Scenes
WindwardNonebattle scenes between dragons and ridersNo real world profanityNoneIntense scene due to trauma, one dragon disciplines another brutally
Palon’s novellaPalon takes a bath brieflybrief fight scene, Palon has a head injuryNo real world profanityIllness spreading, Palon believes it may be poisonNone
Prelude CycleNonebattle at nightNo real world profanityrecreational drinking (not to excess)psychic battle in the freezing cold, battle against raiders at night
Children of the Nexus seriesBrief nudity, not described, in Between Starfallsseveral fight sequences, a couple torture scenesNo real world profanityscenes of being druggedlost child, captivity, “domestic” abuse, psychic battle, psychic call of the abyss
Beneath the Gods’ Tree2 make-out scenes (not very explicit), one of which leads to a closed-door sex sceneseveral fight scenes, plus several medical-aid scenesNo real world profanityMedical drug use, mentions of parties and drinksfight scenes, mention of past whipping and sun exposure (corrupt law enforcement)

If you’re concerned, please be sure to check out the content warnings for each book (on the copyright page and on their page here on this website). I write the content warnings to avoid spoilers while also giving people a heads up about content they might find troubling–I certainly don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s bad day!