Creative Musings

Creative endeavors are always rather dicey. It’s a series of risks, one after another, never knowing whether or not you’re on the right track until it’s far too late. But that’s the fun of them, too.

What I have here is a journey of creativity that first began many many years ago. This iteration began about four years ago as a Nanowrimo project, and after countless revisions, has become something that I think… is something. Who knows if anyone will enjoy it- I sure don’t. But I do know it’s the kind of story that grabs you and won’t let you go, even though there are times when I am not sure I’m equal to the task. I’ve been submitting to agents, and as I go through the query process at a rather leisurely pace (I like to gather all the feedback I can and make significant changes before the next batch of eight to ten queries), I’m learning so much, about the publishing industry, about the craft of writing, about my books and characters and the world they are set in, and about myself. It’s amazing, even with its low times.

Some writers would have given up by now. I’ve sent 27 queries in about eighteen months, and had three requests for further material (1 partial, 2 requests for the full manuscript). I’ve not yet been offered representation, but I have had good feedback, feedback that tells me I’m on the right track, even if I haven’t made it to the finish line yet.

Feedback like: “I read with great interest. Unfortunately, I’m going to be passing at this time. Fiction, as I’m sure you know, is just about the toughest thing to sell in the current marketplace. I need to really fall in love with something before I can even think of taking it on. Though there is much to appreciate here, I’m afraid that I ultimately didn’t believe I would be its best advocate.”

Feedback like: “We have finished reading, and thought the world you created was gorgeous. Your main characters were very well constructed, and we enjoyed your manuscript. However, we felt it was not quite the right fit for [agent]’s list, and she has a few projects that are just too similar to this one.”

What sets me apart from writers would would have confined this story to a bottom drawer somewhere? It’s not talent, nor is it guts. I think it’s mostly that this story simply won’t let me go. I can’t quit. I have to write it.

All I can do is hope you enjoy it when it does finally see the light of day. 😀