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So I decided to join a project called Writer In Motion, an idea born from Jeni Chappelle, KJ Harrowick, and others. The idea is to show the transformation process from a first draft to a final draft, because so many of us writers feel a bit bad about our own work, while we’re comparing our first drafts to published final drafts of other authors. The fact is, my first drafts suck and normally no one gets to see them period.

This will be an exception.

I cannot make promises on my final draft. If you want to see a stellar story, check out the other authors participating too!

Here’s how it’ll work:

Jeni has given us our prompt, this lovely picture by Casey Horner at Unsplash.

I will write a story inspired by this picture, coming in under 500 words! (I know, yikes!)

On June 15th, I will subject you all to the unedited first draft, right here on my blog, and I’ll tweet it using #WriterInMotion.

On June 22nd, I’ll post my first revision right here. These will be self-edits, things I have fixed using my own brain after looking it over and reading it aloud (always an important part of my revision process!)

On June 29th, I’ll post my third draft. This will incorporate revisions based on CP feedback from the previous revision (and previous week).

On July 7th, I’ll post the final draft here, after incorporating feedback from an editor.


This is very similar to how I normally edit, except I go through several (5+) rounds of editing with CPs and my writing groups, since I haven’t yet had the funds for an editor. Hopefully it’ll be helpful to see the revision process, and I know I am looking forward to seeing what others come up with from the prompt as well as how awesome the story gets as these excellent writers polish their drafts!

Here’s the list of participants as I’ve found it:

– K. J. Harrowick http://blog.halon-chronicles.com & http://kjharrowick.wordpress.com

– Jen Karner http://www.SyllablesandSass.com

– H.M. Braverman http://hmbraverman.com

– J.M. Jinks www.authorjmjinks.com

– Melissa Bergum (will be posting via KJ’s site)

– Thuy Nguyen http://www.tmnstories.com

– Kristen Howe https://kristenswritingendeavors.wordpress.com/

– Kathryn Hewitt https://spinningmyyarns.wordpress.com/

– Sean Willson https://www.seanwillson.com/blog/

– Paulette Wiles http://www.paulettewiles.com

– Talynn Lynn inkinthebook.blogspot.com

– Ellen Mulholland www.ellenmulholland.com

The amazing editors:

Jeni Chappelle https://www.jenichappelleeditorial.com

Carly Hayward https://booklighteditorial.com

Maria Tureaud https://twitter.com/Maria_Tureaud

Justine Manzano https://www.craftquest.org/

The second wave (some of us jumped in late!)

– Steph Whitaker stephwhitaker80.wixsite.com/swhitakerwrites/

– Sheri MacIntyre https://sherimacintyre.wordpress.com

– Jessica Lewis https://jessicalewis2227.wixsite.com/authorjessicalewis/writer-in-motion

– Susan Burdorf https://writingnotes.home.blog

– Dawn Currie https://dawncurrie.wordpress.com

– Megan Van Dyke http://www.meganrvandyke.com

– Ari Augustine https://bookishvalhalla.com

– Fariha Khayyam http://www.farihakhayyam.com

– M. Dalto https://authormdalto.wordpress.com/blog/

– Sheryl Stein http://www.wrekehavoc.com

– Belinda Grant https://belindagrantwrites.wordpress.com

– Coffee Quills https://coffeequills.com


Oh, and what am I doing this week before the first draft? I’m gonna stare at this picture in between Windward edits and let my subconscious do its thing. I can already feel the wheels turning, and I love the evocative feel of this prompt! It’s lovely. This means I also have to avoid looking at these other blogs, because at this stage in my creative process I can’t let someone else’s ideas in, or they’ll stomp my idea-buds to bits without ever intending to do so. This is why I’ll never be able to co-write.

But you! You can go look. So browse, and have fun!

7 thoughts on “Writer In Motion!

  1. [waves figurative pompoms]

    Writing in public is excellent practice for those of us it suits, and it certainly does help newbies have better examples with which to compare themselves.

    Have fun, and I hope this goes eell for you!

    1. It’s already been so fun and informative, and I’ve only just started! I joined mainly because I’m one of those people who keeps saying it’d be nice if someone did this, so I decided to join and be a “someone”. 😀

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