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Ah, spring. Which means my yard is a mud pit. But the trees are budding and the air’s getting warmer. I’m eager to plant some flowers, get the windchimes and hammock hung up again, and see if my lavender comes back.

Memories Update

I sent Memories to my first set of betas so they can help me dig through the prose for all the gold. I really love this story. It’s so much fun, and it’s so full of heart.

In the meantime, I’m working on the redraft for Book 4 (Songs) and I’m editing Palon’s novella and the Amanah-Taunos novella. I know how to bring them together now, so I’ll be ready for another set of betas probably by the next newsletter.

So, if you want a chance to read a novella or two before it’s out, and if you want a chance to give input that could help polish a story, definitely sign up for the next beta round for one or both of the prequels!

These novellas will be available to subscribers first before anyone else anyway, so if giving feedback makes you anxious, don’t worry! You’ll still get to read them early so long as you’re subscribed. Currently, I think I’ll eventually release Palon’s novella wide, but I’m intending to keep Taunos and Amanah’s prequel subscribers-only indefinitely.

Upcoming Events

I know!! I’m a few days early with this update! Here’s why:

First of all, on Sunday I’ll be at QuaranCon on the Underappreciated genres panel. I’m really excited for this–it’s been fun to pre-discuss with the other panelists.

Additionally, there are THREE sales going on right now and I wanted to make sure you all knew about them so that you could jump on the chance for more amazing books.

QuaranCon Sale

This selection is a bunch of books by panelists in QuaranCon, and they are all FREE or 99cents the 7th to the 12th of April. There’s some absolutely incredible sci-fi and fantasy books in here!

Between this and the next sale, ALL of my novels are currently 99cents! If you’ve been eyeing them, now’s the time to grab them!

(Going on now!)

QuaranCon Sale

SPFBO Semi-Finalists Sale

A bunch of us semi-finalists from SPFBO have also gotten together to make our books available for 99cents for you! These fantasy novels were in SPFBO from 2018 to last year, and were one step away from the finals. If you’re looking for a great Indie April read, check these out!

This sale goes from the 8th to the 11th of April.

(Going on now!)


The April EPIC Promo

Check out this selection of sci-fi and fantasy stories, all with epic themes. These books aren’t necessarily on sale (that’s up to the authors), but it’s an intriguing selection of stories.

This promo goes for the entire month of April.

April EPIC Promo

Newsletter freebie

Today’s freebie is …. art!
I’ve been messing around on Artbreeder and wanted to show you guys some of the cool.
Ifreesians are mentioned in Between Starfalls and show up in Let Loose the Fallen.
Rinaran fae and elves are mentioned in Between Starfalls and developed further in Let Loose the Fallen. They factor heavily in Memories That Bind.
The main characters (and three side characters) from the Children of the Nexus books. Left to right, top to bottom, we have: Taunos, Aturadin, Galod, Kaemada, Emin, Takiyah, Amanah, Palon, Ra’ael, and Eian.
Palon stars in Windward and Aturadin is also in Windward.
The others are mainly in Between Starfalls but Emin and Amanah don’t show up until Let Loose the Fallen.

Powerful, flawed characters. Organic magic. Immersive worlds.

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