Newsletter Archive — December 2021

Beta Reading Opportunities and Holiday Sales

This update is short and sweet, since I know many of us are caught in the holiday flurry of trying to get everything done! I hope your holiday season, whatever it looks like, is full of rest and joy.

For those of you who have signed up to beta read Palon’s prequel novella, check your emails! You should be getting it today.

If you hadn’t signed up yet but are interested in beta reading Palon’s prequel, fill out the form just below. It’ll only be available to download for two more weeks. Remember, the final version will not be available in stores–the only way to get it will be to be subscribed to my newsletter. Beta reading is a chance for you to see a story before all the polish is put on, and it’s a chance for me to get a peek at how bits and pieces of the story are affecting readers and what their thoughts on things like characters and pacing are.
Sign up to beta read
If you’re beta reading the Palon novella, I’m extending the deadline to end of February, because time flows way too fast these days!
Don’t forget, if you want a signed copy of Windward, Between Starfalls, or Let Loose the Fallen for the holidays, they are available here!

Worlds of Wonder Promo

Check out this selection of books full of great worldbuilding. From alternate universes to detailed small town atmospheres, you’ll find tons of free stories with vivid settings here to enjoy.

Even better, there’s an associated giveaway running until mid-January! What better way to start the new year than with a pile of books?

Worlds of Wonder

Holiday MegaSale!

Once again, I’m taking part in the r/Fantasy Holiday MegaSale this 26th and 27th. Make sure you check out r/Fantasy on the 26th or 27th to see all the amazing authors who are also participating with books either free or 99cents.

Ebooks of Between Starfalls and Let Loose the Fallen will both be free beginning on Christmas. If you know anyone who would love these books, this is a perfect chance to get started on the series!

And here are some more excellent stories to dive into:

A merchant of rumors. A king’s demise before his time. The dragon god threatening to consume the world…

In a city divided by schemes and treachery, Airene the Finch is a penniless commoner scraping a living through a trade in secrets. Despite coming from a debt-ridden family, she has claimed a sliver of notoriety through her relentless ambition and ingenuity.

But Airene has always yearned for more. She wishes to be a Verifier of Truth, part of an ancient order that uncovers corruption at the highest echelons of society. She longs to bring justice to an unjust world.

So when her nation’s figurehead ruler dies under suspicious circumstances, Airene seizes her opportunity. Her search for the truth behind the ruler’s death will bring her into conflict with outlaw sorcerers, underground societies, corrupt politicians — and far more deadly dangers.

Can Airene uncover the plot and stop the forces behind it, or will the price of victory be too high to pay?

Whispers of Ruin is the first book in the epic fantasy series The Famine Cycle. Perfect for readers who like political intrigue, hard magic systems, awakening gods, and seedy medieval cities, or love books like The Lies of Locke Lamora and Mistborn.

Read Whispers of Ruin!

A forsaken prince. A golden era. An infernal fate.

“We are all pawns in the games the gods play…” 

When a prophecy brings a priestess to his humble home, Arme must abandon his tranquil existence to become the nation’s only hope, a celestial warrior tasked with protecting an unborn child carrying an even heavier burden than he.

Whispers of invaders threaten the safety of all, testing the bonds of love and the limits of honor, bringing the long-forgotten might of the heavens back into the world of mortals. As the flames incinerate all in their path, divided nations and broken families must band together to save the innocent and rise from the ashes of war.


Check out Rise of the Phoenix