Prelude Cycle!

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Prelude Cycle is a novella associated with the Children of the Nexus series and it’s the perfect way to get introduced to the world and characters of Children of the Nexus. If you haven’t read one of the books yet and want to see if you like my writing style, this is perfect for you. And if you already have read my books and want to get more insight into the world and beginnings, Prelude Cycle will do that as well.

Prelude Cycle is a series of four vignette short stories each focused on one of the main characters from Children of the Nexus and arranged in a series of seasons, set about three years before the beginning of Between Starfalls. Taunos puts himself on the line for a chance to gain entry into the library of Far Dahutad. Takiyah balances her love of learning with the judgements of her community. Kaemada struggles mind to mind. Ra’ael faces challenges on her path to becoming a priestess.

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